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Textbook Goes to Spain!

Look Both Ways was started in the Northern Colorado city of Loveland, our dreams of crossing state and even international boarders were small but there nonetheless. When a Biology teacher from Spain reached out to us about our textbook we were over the moon!

Getting to Know Barcelona

When Biology teacher, Ginesta, reached out to us and said she was from Barcelona we immediately wanted to know how she had even heard of us. After all, we are a small family operation. She said, "I've been listening to your podcast and I feel that having your book in my classes would be really stimulating for my students, as I teach some of the contents in English and reproduction health is still a taboo topic". This is the moment we knew our podcast was finally gaining traction in the education community. Unfortunately, reproductive health education is still taboo around the world, but it is our mission to change that.

New Relationships

Needless to say, we happily sent Ginesta a textbook for her class and we are hopeful that our curriculum will be as engaging for the students of Spain as it is for the students in the United States.

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