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Shakespeare Can Wait!

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

When it comes to education, Shakespeare can wait! Students have their entire educational career to learn about Shakespeare, but learning valuable information about their reproductive health? That can't wait.


Shakespeare told some great tales, and calculus can come in handy—If you're working for NASA in High School. Reproductive health classes beginning in Ninth Grade are more important at that time in life and provide invaluable information to be used throughout a lifetime. Nearly half of High School teens engage in their first sexual activity when they are Juniors, and the less they know the more risk factors they face. Knowing Shakespeare in High School has no effect on pregnancy, bullying, or eating disorders. Knowing calculus that early does not help teens avoid STIs, drug abuse, or harassment. Not knowing about reproductive health leads to uninformed, sometimes poor, decisions that have profound effects on the rest of their lives.

How We Can Help

Our Curriculum covers important topics to help navigate through reproductive health education. Our textbook has sections on:

  • What Is Reproductive Health - Chapter 1

  • Male & Female Reproductive Anatomy - Chapter 2

  • Birth Control, Contraception & Abortion - Chapter 4

  • The Biology, Psychology and Sociology of Sex - Chapter 5

  • Sexual Attitudes and Behaviors - Chapter 8

  • Sexual Coercion, Harassment, Aggression and Abuse - Chapter 10

And that's just some of it! We cover eating disorders, sexually transmitted diseases and infections and even sexuality as we age! Whatever questions you have, we can answer. #ReproductiveHealth #Education #Educators #LookBothWays

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