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What Does Look Both Ways Mean?

The concept of Look Both Ways was created by our Director Dr. Betsy Cairo, a reproductive biologist and educator.  She had just attended an abstinence-only training course and couldn’t get this comparison out of her mind…... “Abstinence-only programs are like telling your kids to only look one way when they cross the street.  By focusing all of our attention in one direction, kids are blind-sided by the traffic coming from the opposite way the very moment they decide to step into the street.”

This thought fueled Cairo to start an organization that teaches students to ‘look both ways’ at abstinence and at sexual activity.  By focusing on science-based information about our bodies and the risks and responsibilities that come with being sexually active, Look Both Ways empowers students of every culture, religion, sexual orientation, and gender to make educated choices about their reproductive health.

Dr. Betsy Cairo founded Look Both Ways in 2006 and dedicated our program towards helping teach comprehensive reproductive health education to our youth, our educators and parents around the world. Dr. Cairo used her years of field experience, combined with her many years of teaching to develop the curriculum we use today. She wrote the textbook, "Reproductive Health: The Science, Psychology & Sociology of Being", which is available on our site for purchase. Dr. Cairo also works with educators to ensure they develop the skills, knowledge and confidence necessary to lecture on such an important topic. 


Meet Dr. Betsy Cairo, PhD, HCLD and CSES.  Dr. Cairo is our founder and executive director, she is a Reproductive Biologist and holds a PhD in Human Reproduction from the Union Institute, in Cincinnati, Ohio and a BS in Animal Science from Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado. Dr. Cairo taught both graduate and undergraduate courses at the University of Northern Colorado for 21 years. She emphasizes Reproductive Health through a variety of classes including Human Sexuality, Drug Abuse, and Human Disease.  Dr. Cairo has worked in the field of reproductive medicine for over 25 years.  She founded CryoGam Colorado, LLC, in 1990, where she remains the director and owner.  

Kate Bowman

Kate is self employed and provides IT services for small & medium sized businesses including their computer, software, networking, service & training needs. Kate has built a book-keeping company that services Colorado companies and previously, she was the General Manager & co-owner of a family business that sold cars, trucks, & farm equipment.  Kate began her involvement with The Gender Identity Center of Colorado in 1991 & took on an active role in 2003, helping to promote and present at the Colorado Gold Rush conference which is one of 12 national transgender conferences put on during the year in different states.  In 2006 Kate became the Board Chair of the Gender Identity Center & continues to hold that position.  She is also the Co-Chair of The Colorado Gold Rush Conference.  In her spare time, Kate does outreach presentations to high schools, community colleges, colleges, universities, businesses, & churches to educate people about the issues transgendered individuals face during their lives.  Kate is also involved in her Catholic Parish & notes that her 5 grandchildren outrank all of the above if they want to do something!

Debbie Englert

Debbie Englert was born and raised in Illinois and moved to Colorado to attend college. She graduated from the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, Colorado with a BA in Elementary Education.  Debbie then went on to teach first and second grades at Lincoln Elementary in Loveland, CO for over 25 years.  During her time teaching she served on many committees for content areas in science, reading and math.  Debbie also helped develop a reading curriculum.  As a retired teacher Debbie enjoys exercising, reading and she is dedicated to improving education for children in her community.

Mandy Johnson

Amanda (Mandy) Johnson has been a high school Family & Consumer Sciences teacher since 2005. She received her Masters in Education in 2020 in early childhood development. She has a passion for positively influencing, and teaching today's youth, especially the real life skills they will need after graduation. With her background as a high school drop-out, teen & single mom, she is able to relate to and inspire her students while sharing the lessons she learned along the way. In the summer of 2009, Mandy met Betsy and they began working together to get the Look Both Ways reproductive health curriculum into a high school classroom. The first class was piloted in the fall of 2012 and the second in the fall of 2013. Mandy is passionate and committed to getting this curriculum into as many high schools as possible in the future. Mandy also co-hosts our Podcast, It's Not Human Sexuality!

Elise Taylor

Elise Taylor has a Bachelor's degree in Health and Wellness Promotions from Missouri Southern State University. She loves to help the youth in Loveland through coaching soccer for Thompson Soccer Association, as well as strongly supporting Look Both Ways, Inc. Elise holds two coaching licenses and is also an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer and presented at the young girls conference Look Both Ways held March 2013. Elise is dedicated to finding opportunities to promote being healthy in any way, including reproductive health. Her involvement with Look Both Ways revolves around website and social media management - especially helping Look Both Ways prepare for their annual fundraiser, the garage sale, plant sales and in the past, the Trivia Bowl.

Bill Cairo

Bill Cairo has lived in Loveland, Colorado, for 21 years with his wife and two children. He was graduated from Colorado State University in 1984 with a degree in veterinary medicine. Upon moving back to Colorado from Arizona, he started a medical transcription business. Bill has now ventured into the publishing business with the publication of his first book, The Story Behind the Glory: Winning Quotes from Sports Greats on the Game of Life. Bill has been a little league baseball coach and Boy Scout leader. His current charitable endeavors include speaking to nonprofit organizations, and most recently, mentoring youth through the Boys and Girls Club.

Tom Englert

Thomas Englert, MD – has been practicing medicine in Northern Colorado for over three decades.  He received his medical degree from the University of Michigan Medical School and completed his residency at the House Officer Obstetrics & Gynecology at University Hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  He is certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology.   Dr. Englert has chaired the Perinatal Medicine Committee and Medicine Committee and the Department of Surgery, he has served on Credentials Committee and the Physician Advocacy Committee, and is a past Chief of Staff at McKee Medical Center in Loveland, CO.  Dr. Englert currently practices general gynecology with OB/GYN Associates of Big Thompson Medical Group, specializing in gynecological surgery and infertility.

Monica Strachan

Monica Strachan has a passion for working in public health, health promotion and education.  As a consultant at Worldways Social Marketing, she works on various projects covering various health topics, including emergency preparedness, reducing unintended pregnancies, water conservation, preventing falls and injuries among older adults and childhood obesity prevention. She understands the importance of conducting research properly and thoroughly. Her work with a health communication research firm has given her extensive experience in developing content, focus group facilitation and analysis, developing and testing multimedia and web tools for health promotion and different research evaluation techniques.  Monica enjoys giving back to her community by coaching soccer for Special Olympics with Denver Parks and Recreation.

Kathi Wright

Kathi Wright joined our team in the spring of 2018. She previously held the position of Executive Director of the Boys and Girls Club of Larimer County for over 19 years. Kathi's passion in helping youth to have bright futures is what drives her and her commitment to this cause it what has drawn her to Look Both Ways.

Anti-Discrimination Policy

It is the policy of Look Both Ways, Inc. to be an equal opportunity employer, to seek, employ and assign the best qualified personnel, and to provide equal opportunities for their training and promotion. Look Both Ways, Inc. shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, gender expression, or military status in any of its activities or operations. These activities include, but are not limited to, hiring and firing of staff, selection of volunteers, selection of vendors, and provision of services.

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