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It Pays For Itself

With Look Both Ways, you get more out than you put in. Every year, millions of teen girls drop out of High School because of an unintended pregnancy. Let’s take one school district in Phoenix, AZ, for example. It has 14,000 girls in High School, and every year 126 of them drop out because of pregnancy, and 31 boys also drop out to become wage-earning fathers. That’s admirable, but they still have put themselves in an economic pickle. With proper education, society saves money three ways by keeping teens in school.

1.)  Of these dropout girls, 77 will give live birth to a baby, each of which costs society $42,000. That’s over $3 million Arizona has to pay just to support the birth of babies in ONE school district.


2.) Dropouts earn $8,000 annually less than youth with a High School diploma. These 157 dropouts cumulatively earn $1.25 million less than if they had graduated. Arizona has a 3% tax rate for workers in this tax bracket. These dropouts pay over $37,000 less in taxes than their graduating counterparts, and don’t forget the lesser amount they pay in sales tax because of their lower incomes.

3.) Empirical evidence suggests that a Look Both Ways reproductive health curriculum can prevent half of the High School dropouts, saving the state over $1.5 million, enough to pay for a reproductive health curriculum many times over. (Google these stats and you can do the math for yourself, and it takes no more than basic math skills, not trigonometry or calculus.)

With your help, whether through our 'no cost to you' fundraising opportunities or through your generous donation, we can help provide proper reproductive health education to our communities. Check out our no cost fundraising opportunities below or head over to our donation page and receive a free gift with your donation. 

Amazon Smile

With Amazon Smile, you shop and Amazon Gives. Amazon Smile is a great, automatic way for you to donate to your favorite charity with absolutely no cost to you. Once you get set up, all you do is shop like normal and 0.5% of your eligible Amazon Smile purchases gets donated! You'll find the same great selection and prices as the regular Getting started is easy easy as 1, 2, 3...

1.) Visit

2.) Log-in using your amazon account​​

3.) Choose your charity & start shopping!

For your charitable donations to register, make sure you are shopping at which can be activated in your web browser and on their mobile app! To learn more about the Amazon Smile program, please click here


Cartridges for Kids


Look Both Ways is recycling and we need your help! We recycle used cell phones, empty laser, fax, copier, and inkjet cartridges as well as, laptops, Palm Pilots, iPods, video games, DVD's and digital cameras. We do this for two reasons. First, we aim to preserve our environment by keeping these harmful items out of landfills, and secondly, to raise funds for our organization. The recyclable items that are collected are returned to Cartridges for Kids® (CFK). Look Both Ways is among more than 12,500 non-profit organizations nationwide that are helping the environment by recycling.


How can you help? You can turn your "trash" into our "treasure" and feel good about helping the environment all at the same time. Most people have used cell phones to dispose of and almost everyone uses cartridges, either at home or at work from fax machines, copiers and printers. By donating these used items you can assist Look Both Ways with earning much needed funds.​​ Contact us for drop off and pick up options!

Community and business supporters can participate at no cost. CFK will send postage-paid pre-printed shipping labels to business supporters for the return of the used items. To learn more about our participation in this program, please email us or call us at 970-667-9906. For more information about Cartridges For Kids, visit or call toll free at 800-420-0235.


Goodsearch donates money to your favorite cause when you search the Internet, shop online or dine out at local restaurants! GoodSearch is a Yahoo-powered search engine that donates half its advertising revenue, about a penny per search, to the charities its users designate. Use it just as you would any search engine, get quality search results from Yahoo while supporting a great cause. Use when you shop online and they donate a percentage of every purchase and offer many coupons to help you save money too! Sign up for their Gooddining program and they'll donate a percentage of your restaurant bill when you eat at any one of participating restaurants. ​Simply sign up, designate your charity and you are on your way!

Giving Assistant

Donate to Look Both Ways Inc. effortlessly, often—and for free! If you want first dibs on deals like Kmart Coupons, or love saving cash at stores like eBay and JC Penney, use Giving Assistant.


As much as 30% of your purchase price at 1800+ popular retailers are turned into valuable donations for Look Both Ways Inc. Sign up today to find out how your everyday shopping can make a difference for us! You can sign up here.

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